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History and Geography

Sozopol is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is situated on a scenic peninsula in the southern part of the Bay of Bourgas. The archaeological exploration of the site gives a proof of more than 6000 years of cultural tradition.

Some of the most interesting historical monuments are Ancient Sozopol, the trachian fortresses and tombs above Medni Rid region, ancient necropolises and fortress walls dating from IV-XIV Century.

The first name of the town is Atnea; it is given by the Greek colonists. It is later renamed to Apolonia, after the ancient Greek god Apollo - protector of emigrants and god of healing. In order to be distinguished from other towns with the same name, the town is known as Apollonia Pontica (Apollonia on the Black Sea) or Apollonia Magna (The Great Apollonia).

Since the Late Antiquity, Apollonia is known as Sozopolis (Salvation City). During the Ottoman rule, its name is Sizebolou. After the Libaration of Bulgaria, the bulgarian form Sozopol is established.


Today, the tourism is a key sector in the city’s economy. Sozopol provides engaging cultural life which includes the Sozopolis Festival, the MONTFIZ Art Fest and the Apollonia Festival of Arts.